Sol for Art: A Space with a Soul

house image Located in the Edgewood neighborhood of New Haven, Sol for Art has found its home in an impressive, French Second Empire-style house. With a central entry, mansard roof, and the original blue stone walk up, even from the outside, the space gives the impression of quiet significance.

Upon entry, ten-foot Mahogany doors welcome guests into a marble floor foyer. If you’ve spent some time in the boroughs of New York, you may recognize the Art Deco wallpaper reminiscent of the Harlem Renaissance. Immediately, the space gives off an essence of a place brought back from the past; a gem recovered to serve a greater purpose of giving those who have not yet told their stories a place to shine.

Built in 1874 for the family of Theodore J. Ackerman, a local business owner, the single family home passed from one family to another until it was put back on the market in 2017, where it stood awaiting a buyer with a unique plan that is now coming to fruition.

On April 28th of 2018, 198 Sherman Avenue will welcome a reception for the official opening of Sol for Art; a space dedicated to local Artists whose work has been previously unseen. With its high ceilings, chandeliers, eight fireplaces and multiple original features still intact, the space is far from the postmodern, austere, white walls of your standard Art gallery. In fact, its original domiciliary purpose gives the space an intimate, tranquil atmosphere where many are sure to find inspiration, a place to share and witness new stories, and experience the Arts through a new lense.

~ Written by Magdalena Fin